Sunday, August 2, 2009

The good, the bad, but no ugly

I think that there is a reason children start as babies. They are so lovable. Then by the time they reach teenage years, you have developed a bond...
I jumped into the hardest part of this girl's life. Not only because of the foster situation, but because of the age.
The bad: the whining. I get so sick of it. And I told her tonight. I sounded like a mom for sure: "I have heard enough of that, you need to stop. You know my answer." "If you don't do what you are told, then we won't go get your friend." It felt good to say though. I wasn't mean, just firm. She pouted enough that one of her friends called home to get picked up. That says a lot.
The good: She referred to me as her mom. She calls me by my name, which is fine. But instead of referring to me by name on the phone she said her mom. That's good. And I was talking to her friend's mom who said her daughter said I was nice, and that they all think it is a good thing that C is here, in this good situation. She also said C wasn't nice to her daughter before and is glad that they can be friends now. That is very encouraging. And what I will end with. =)

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