Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Awkward pause

I had my first cynical reaction today. I was afraid of this type of reaction at first and hesitated to tell people.
Of course it came from my co-worker who looks at the world through - well - what's the opposite of rose-colored glasses. I too often hear don't-bother-even-trying sentiments from her. So I know I should take it lightly, but it is a prick in the side. There wasn't a congratulations, how are you going to do it? but simply, don't they want people who don't work? Well, I didn't say this, but I am thinking, no it is those losers who don't work and try to live off the foster money that they try to avoid.
I think I will focus instead on all the joyous reactions I have gotten. Because I have gotten a lot over the last day and it has been very encouraging.

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