Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fostering set up

Orientation - check
application - check
fingerprinting - check
CPR & first aid training - scheduled for Sat; check
Physical & TB test - check
prepare bedroom - check
PRIDE training - scheduled for Saturdays from May 9- June 13
home visit - scheduled for Tuesday; check

WOW- I have everything scheduled. I am really doing this. It is happening so fast -it's been 4 weeks (tomorrow) since the idea really presented itself. I am excited.

well, a few more details to work out - what school the child will attend and what before/after school programs are provided. need to find sometime to be a regular babysitter and get that person fingerprinted and safety trained. ...and maybe a few more things around the home.

I have been thinking about this with every spare moment since the idea first presented itself - imaging what it will be like to have a child along with me in everything I do. What I will and won't be able to do. I can't imagine how much my mind will be consumed with the child when they actually arrive.

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