Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finding an Elementary School

I will admit that I have been putting off looking at the local elementary schools. Perhaps because I know there are so many around here that I didn't know where to start. For someone who has never dealt with such things, it can be intimidating. 

Yesterday I was talking to a mom who is dealing with finding a school for her son after an upcoming move. She helped out by directing me to a website called So I checked it out. After trying to visit a school's site, I found instead the district's site, which has a tool where you enter your address and it tells you the assigned school for that area. Why didn't think of looking at the district site before?! duh. That made the decision easy - there is none. And according the other website, the school has a good rating. Great.

Part two - finding before and after school care. Another link from the district site and I found a program that offers a free educational program. Of course there is a limit on the number of students, but that would be great if I was able to get my future child in! Entrance is based on a point system and being a single, full-time employed foster mom will give me 2 of 5 points. There is a possible additional point if the child has poor academic scores. (and those who are already in the program get 2 points) However, there are two problems: 1 - the application in due May 8. I won't have a child to enroll by then. 2 - The elementary school is my area doesn't have a program there. (nor does the next closest.) Perhaps it is because I live near a rich area - that school is surrounded by million dollar homes. Which makes me wonder how a foster child would even fit-in in a school like that. Maybe the OB school will be best; more diverse, good ratings and has the after school program - if I have that option. I will have to talk to the licensing social worker about this when she comes this week. 

Another thing I found online- free lunches at school for foster children. This is great. I don't have to worry about packing a lunch; and that will cut down on the cost of groceries too. While I wasn't concerned about the cost of food, the cost of after school care was a uncertainty, so if this can off-set that, woo-hoo. 

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